Our Damascus Steel


Spirit Knives Yukon’ custom, collectible knives are crafted using high quality Damascus Steel.
The process of forming the Damascus Steel provides the layers of strength and beauty of of your Damascus knife.

Exotic blade materials details:

  • The blade is hand forged with over 200 Layers of 1095 and 15N20 high carbon tool steels, with nickle layer.
  • The Damascus Steel of the blade receives a precise heat treatment resulting in a measure of 56 to 57  HRC on the (Rockwell Scale) placing them in the category of “Very hard steel (e.g. chisels, quality knife blades)”.
  • The blade can be honed to a razor sharp edge.

History has it that Damascus steel was first used for making swords in the Middle East. Forged from the finest carbon steel they had ability to be sharpened to a fine, long-lasting edge and were resistant to breakage. These weapons differentiated from others by the unique scrolling patterns on the blades. Their resilience and beauty have given rise to many legends. Now, you too can own one of these remarkable blades.

For an in-depth discussion on the history and lore of Damascus Steel, visit the Wikipedia page.